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This page was last updated: March 29, 2015
The Strawberry Basket
12591 Aetna Ave N.E.,  Monticello, MN  55362            763-878-2875

Welcome to 2015!  Things are going to get BUSY on the farm real soon. 

Blueberries will get a new blanket of mulch put on this spring, we also will be planting a new variety of raspberry, along with an additional 2+ acres of strawberries.  We will also try our hand this year at beekeeping.  And if that's not enough, we have our 2nd oldest child graduating High School in June also.  We give praise to the Lord for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  And with a bit of luck, we hope to see you all out here picking in a few months from now.

God willing, we will have 3 1/2 acres for picking this summer.

BLUEBERRIES -  To early to tell what degree of winter injury was sustained.  Keep your fingers x'd
RASPBERRIES  -  Pretty hardy critters.  We will be planting a new variety this year, along with picking our current selection.