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This page was last updated: July 27, 2014
The Strawberry Basket
12591 Aetna Ave N.E.,  Monticello, MN  55362           763-878-2875
  -  Thanks to everyone who came out picking this past Saturday morning.  What a site to view --a             mass of people progressing through both the blueberry and raspberry patches.

  -  Raspberries - Canes are loaded with fruit.  Next picking will be Tue, July  29th from 7am - 11am.
                         -  We will also be picking raspberries on Saturday, Aug 2nd- along with blueberries.
  -  Blueberries -  Wow, what a crowd this  past Saturday.  Blueberries were picked out by 10:00 am.
     Next picking will be Saturday, August, 2nd from 7am till 1pm.   Picking begins at 7am sharp.
Over for the year.    Over for the year.
Next picking will be Saturday, Aug 2nd.  The bushes are loaded with fruit.   GET HERE EARLY...
Next picking date - Tue, July 29th from 7am till 11am,,,  and again on Saturday, August 2nd from 7am till 1 pm